My Superhero

My son hates dressing up and he earlier this year earned the nickname UndieMan for preferring undies and singlet to a costume. But we recently coaxed him into this Batman outfit for a friend’s fairy party. Yes, you read that correctly – it was fairies/princesses and pirates but our only options were fireman, Batman or ninja. We felt it safer to leave the nunchucks at home so … Continue reading My Superhero

Cactus review

This film review first appeared in The West Australian Newspaper Cactus   Rated M Starring Travis McMahon, David Lyons, Bryan Brown Directed by Jocelyn Yuen-Carrucan 2.5 stars   The tedium and isolation of driving thousands of kilometres through the Australian outback is hammered home almost a little too effectively in this low budget debut feature from writer-director Jasmine Yuen-Carrucan. An hour in and two questions … Continue reading Cactus review