Barefoot in the office

Don’t know if anyone else has this problem but I can’t write with my shoes on. Weird, I know. If I am in an office I am fine but at home those boots/ballet flats/runners have to come off. At least when I lose my shoes I know where to look – under my desk.


The Breakfast Buffet

Yes I am a fan of the breakfast buffet. All you can eat, all you can drink, such a selection to feast on – pastries, cereals, fresh fruit, pancakes and if the buffet is any good, eggs cooked any way you like.

But this Breakfast Buffet is not edible. It’s my new Crumpler bag. Fits a fat wallet (full of loyalty cards not cash!), small Filofax, handful of cosmetics, assorted pens, bits of junk, half eaten kids food, drink bottle, small umbrella. Also fits EEE PC with no umbrella and drink bottle.

Tube Talk June 25

Ratings hit Australia’s Got Talent ends on July 1 and the next night Seven has lined up the special World’s Got Talent showcasing the weird and wonderful from the worldwide franchise.The accent is definitely on the weird: a man whipping his pregnant wife, a stripper,a male pole dancer, a concussed acrobat, a bloke with darts in his gut, another bloke in a washing machine, the world’s oldest stripper…and I’m only 25 minutes into the show. It is narrated by US judge Piers Morgan but with any luck they might get Dannii Minogue to overdub it for the local market. Lots of icky contortions and semi-nudity explains the 8.30pm timeslot.

Good news for Prison Break fans – season three resumes on Seven at episode nine on July 9.

Not exactly Christmas in July but the long awaited 2007 Dr Who Christmas special Voyage of the Damned finally screens this Sunday June 29 on the ABC. Our Kylie stars as a waitress on the doomed space cruiser Titanic. Her hair is the right vintage but makes her look a lot older than 40.

My favourite comedy of the moment is Little Miss Jocelyn screening Mondays at 10.15pm on the ABC. From parking inspector and unhelpful bus driver to Nigerian driving instructor and racist South Africa immigrant socialite, Jocelyn Jee Esien is a hoot. Mixing sketch with streetcam it’s Little Britain meets Ali G; so much funnier than Catherine Tate.

The new EEE PC, thanks to Eddie McGuire!

Who said current affairs programs only do stories on shonky salesmen and wonder diets? Just over a week ago I was watching A Current Affair (admittedly mostly to check out Eddie McGuire’s hosting abilities) and saw a story about the best places to shop online.

One of the sites featured was Catch of the Day an Australian website that offers one popular item at noon each day at a bargain basement price. To find out what the daily deal is, just register to receive the free email update. To cut a long story short, I picked up a new Asus EEE PC for $327 plus about $14 postage. Ordered June 13, arrived at my door on June 23. I’m blogging on it now and will upload pix later. It’s the 7 inch 700 version running Xandros flavour of Linux.

I was planning to by the 8.9 inch new 900 XP version but all the reviews seemed to imply the keyboard size had not changed, so for a saving of about $250 I figured I could live without the extra HD space and screen real estate.

It fits perfectly in my Crumpler Breakfast Buffet bag which I picked up on clearance from Sierra Trading Post. If only Perth had more FREE wireless hot spots, I was so annoyed to be able to see about six wireless connections near Burswood today, all of which were secure private networks. Getting a 3G USB modem is looking more appealing all the time (yes the eee pc works with the 3 Mobile broadband modem).

Life’s a gas, not

Like most Western Australian residents I have been following the gas crisis with growing interest and alarm. I cannot begin to fathom how it can possibly take two or more months to fix the damage caused in the explosion. What exactly blew up, the whole of Varanus Island (is it just me or do you want to laugh each you hear that name?)? Why will the parts take so long to get here? The writers of 24 couldn’t have dreamt up something so simple but so potentially catastrophic. The timing could not have been worse with Perth and other parts of WA already experiencing record low winter temperatures.

Our children both have weekly swimming lessons at local public swimming pools. One pool has already lowered the temperature and we haven’t checked with the other yet. Some in southern suburbs are reportedly on the brink of closure. What will happen if children enrol for term three swimming classes in the next fortnight and we find out in July that the indoor pools will not be heated? Will we be entitled to refunds or credit? As a caller to 6PR pointed out the other day, there are many elderly and disabled people who rely on heated pools for exercise and therapy. The AHA also warned today that some hotels are perilously close to not having clean linen. It could be a cold, bleak winter. Oh, and to top it all off, Alinta is putting up gas prices!

Nokia vs Sony

We love our Fuji Finepix fd5800 but being the size of a digital SLR, it’s not great for throwing in the handbag. Our Sony Cybershot 3.2MP is no longer cutting it so I am now looking at 5MP mobile phones. I’d love to get my hands on a Nokia N82 but they are hard to come by on plans in Australia and I’m not planning to buy another phone outright like I did with the Sony Ericsson K750i that is about to be retired after two years of mostly loyal service. So it looks like the new Nokia 6220 classic could be the winner. The SE C902 looks pretty good but the GPS in the Nokia 6220 gives it the edge. So hopefully in a couple of weeks I will have a new phone and be able to post images direct to the blog.

Strange food

Last week I went to to a popular local hotel for dinner with some of the other mums from school.  The table was set for 15 people despite me calling a day before to revise the number down to 10 (cue look of crankiness from waitress). The menu did not bear much semblance to the one the venue has on its website. But the icing on the cake was the garlic bread. I swear it looked exactly like someone had grabbed a loaf of sandwich bread and toasted it for us. Make that barely toasted – it was square, soggy, a total joke. There were several varieties of bread on a shared platter we also ordered, making it all the more bizarre. Must get the photo to post. It was like we had stepped back to about 1975. Heck even then I am sure garlic bread was round.

Today my son had an unusual experience – being served real coffee in his babycino! Most Perth cafes know how to make a babycino and they range in price and quality from 50 cents to the more exorbitant $2. Some come with a small biscuit or marshmallows; disconcertingly the pricier the babycino the less likely it is to have an accompaniment. Brandon was complaining that the babycino didn’t taste right and I wasn’t paying much attention, figuring he had been served plain frothed milk instead of milk with a bit of hot chocolate. So imagine my surprise to find it was actually about half a shot of coffee! The chap behind the counter was apologetic, having initially said “it’s just a little bit”. I’ve seen babycinos served in full-size adult cups, in polystyrene cups, as froth with no milk or chocolate, with sprinkles…but never have I seen one with real coffee!