New arrivals

My Pumpkin Patch order arrived today via FedEx, within the seven days promised and actually only three business days considering I didn’t order until late last Tuesday. Not bad, apart from one item being out of stock despite still appearing on the website today as in stock.

In more exciting news, we have a second brood of Willy Wagtail babies. There were three eggs so we are guessing there may be three offspring. No webcam this time, did not get it up in time. The parents are a bit more trusting and less inclined to dive-bomb us as we go to the bins and to hang out the washing. It was nerve-wracking last time around and I am not looking forward to the amount of poop they hurl out of the nest.


Bagging a bargain

Next year I am definitely going to do more Christmas shopping online. I did it successfully the year my daughter was born, figuring it was easier than pushing a pram through December crowds.

The advantages of online shopping are numerous. No crowds. No people jumping queues. No bored shop assistants who look right through you and proceed to serve anyone but you. And most importantly for me, no distractions and impulse buying.

The other day I walked into Coles to buy chicken sausages and chicken breast. I came out with $60 worth of chocolates but no chicken (to be fair on myself they had no Mt Barker available).

Rootote must have one of the best dispatch systems in Australia, I am sure I got the bags I ordered just a day or two at max after I ordered them. And the postage was free!

Other places I have purchased from online in the past few weeks include Pumpkin Patch and Big W photos (that delivery is to be picked up in store). I could have gone to Pumpkin Patch’s outlet store at Harbour Town but figured I would spent just as much parking there as the $7.95 postage.

Christmas Shopping

Bah humbug. Why can’t shopping centres institute a fast and slow lane like they have at the local swimming pool? At this time of year I know what I want and I want to get in and get it and get out fast. No dawdling. No window shoppping. No chatting at the entry to the escalator. What’s with that!? Please, keep left, or just stay out of my way.


Have headache. Drinking black tea. Usually drink white tea. Usually have proper coffee in the morning but coffee machine in for service. Milk wouldn’t froth. Apparently now it won’t grind. Not sure what QuickPress is or does so writing in semi-whimsy Marian Keyes style to publish and see what happens. Nothing’s that quick. Especially when it comes to fixing coffee machines.