Wash your mouth out!

What is it with adults today who insist on swearing in public, in the presence of children?!?#
Yesterday at the local pool a stocky looking bloke got out of the water, answered his phone and began strutting around, holding a conversation at the top of his voice, peppered with the F word.
A few unsubtle glares from me and he moved on but could still be heard at the other end of the pool. Why didn’t he just get dry and leave if the call was so important?
He came back to get his belongings, continued a conversation littered with the S-word, then strutted off. He was nothing to look at so goodness knows what was with the strut.
It doesn’t matter where we go these days, be it the local fast food outlet or the local park, there always seems to be some inconsiderate person happy to open their gutter mouth regardless of who is in earshot. Sometimes it’s even people in business suits.

I am no saint; I admit I let out the occasional expletive, but not in the presence of children, in public places or near my mother. Most often it is while driving solo, in response to  the appalling driving habits of most Perth road users. I have lost count of the number of people I have seen in recent days on the phone, running red lights or driving without licence plates! But let’s not go there, for now!


Paris photo chosen for travel guide!

Some good news amid all the madness and mayhem of recent times.

Justin had one of his photos from my Flickr site selected for the new Schmap guide to Paris.

Check it out here. Not bad considering I had posted less than a dozen photos from our entire eight days in Paris.

It’s one of a series of shots taken at the Rodin Museum, check out others in my Flickr photo stream.

High School Musical 3 review finally posted

Okay, it has been out for almost two months, so I thought it a bit silly to post it on the main page.

So instead you can read my HSM3 review here or by following the Portfolio Tab.

And as a special New Year’s bonus, you can read my November 22 Seven Days magazine cover story interview with Zac Efron here!

Not a debacle

On December 18 there was a reunion of sorts of former West cadets-colleagues, friends and housemates from 1985 to 1988.

Fate Place?West reunion at The Brisbane Dec 08

Fate Place/West reunion at The Brisbane Dec 08

Hazel, Ward and James shared the Como abode known as “Fate Place”,  while Peter went to Curtin (then WAIT) with Hazel and Ward (correct me if I am wrong).

Then Hazel started at The West in 85, Ward, Catherine and James in 86, me in 87 and Tamara in 88.

A shared love of Abba, home movies, film, music and outings that turned into complete debacles is what I think drew Tamara and I into the Fate Place orbit (we were a fraction a younger than the others and lucky to be accepted by our older, wiser and more worldly colleagues, hehe).

Key people missing from the unofficial mini-reunion (thanks Tam and Haze for lining it up!), which was timed to coincide with Ward and Peter arriving from London to visit family over XMas, include Patrick Giorgi, David Bodeker and Kirstie Parker.

Fate Place mini-reunion Dec 08 Brisbane Hotel Perth

Fate Place mini-reunion Dec 08 Brisbane Hotel Perth

Over the years people have changed careers, continents and marital staus but here we all were at the Brisbane Hotel. Food and company were great and nothing debacle-ish happened at all! We must have grown up!

Incidentally if you Google Hazel Bradley (or key her name into YouTube), you will find some of the seminal Fate Place era films including Picnic at Helena Quarry!

To Twitter or Not to Twitter?

I have resisted and will continue to resist Facebook. I’m not really that interested in which of my friends has more friends than the rest and I’d rather converse and plan by phone, email, text or messenger.  I put my pix on Flickr. I put my musings here. I stumble upon old friends on Friends Reunited. I randomly Google friends MIA (where are you Melanie Saw?)

Several people have asked me to join Twitter, including an old high school friend, who oddly enough, hasn’t actually answered the last two emails I sent her.

Just when I thought it might not be a bad thing to do in 2009, especially since I seem to think in random 20 word blocks, I saw this:

Twitter Hacked. Might have a bit of a rethink on that one….

Happy New Year

Woops. Where did the rest of 2008 go? Good thing I did not make a resolution to post more (well, not out loud) or I would have failed already!

A quick recap. Ate lots of turkey. Found new uses for leftovers including turkey and ham risotto and turkey, pea and ham pasta to join old favourites like  ham omelettes. Made lots of fruit mince stuff, as usual, which is still sitting on the bench.

Caught up with friends and relatives from far and wide. Photos to follow in another post and on Flickr.

Saw the arrival departure of a new batch of willy wagtails, not without some dramas when all three babies seemed to determined to leave the next earlier than the first babies. We awoke one morning to find two behind pots and one on the ground. All’s well that ends well, we think, as they keep coming back to the patio and pooping on everything!

All internet-ordered gifts arrived on time. Was particularly happy with the service of canvas printers Brilliant Prints in Brisbane. Got a stretched canvas of a photo taken by Justin of the Eiffel Tower in 2008 for only a little more than what I would have paid at a department or photo store – quality canvas, door to door express post shipping, good customer service. Actually – it’s a version of the image used at the top of this blog!

Was notso happy with Big W photos/Fujifilm for not delivering photobooks until after Christmas. What is the point of having a deadline for orders if you are not going to meet it? Next year they should make the order cut off early December. I was also advised to have orders posted to my home, not the store. I hasten to add I am happy with the final product, shame I couldn’t wrap and put under the tree ready to send back to Tassie.

Hmm, what else. Have seen the kids flicks Bolt and The Tale of Despereaux, among other things. Will post assorted reviews from recent weeks, she says with good intentions 😉

So, if you have taken the time to drop by, thank you. I hope you will continue to find my posts amusing, informative, or maybe even a teeny bit annoying, in 2009.

Happy (belated) New Year.