A date with Kenny

Just a  quick post.

I interviewed Shane Jacobson today for The West – what a top bloke.

I met a photographer from another paper in the foyer on the way up to the interview suite and he asked “are you here to interview Kenny?”

Some actors get sick of being asked about the same character repeatedly but not Shane.

Anyway I’m saving all the good stuff for next week’s story so keep your eyes on the paper.

In the meantime, here’s a happy snap.

Sue meets Shane "Kenny" Jacobson"

Sue meets Shane "Kenny" Jacobson"

My only regret – not having any of the cakes he offered; have not yet mastered the art of interviewing, writing and eating simultaneously without seeming rude-unko-messy.


Shopper’s Paradise? I think not.

First we lost daylight saving. Now we’re unlikely to get extended trading hours.

Welcome to Perth. What’s a shopper to do after hours?

I support my local IGA and for some things it is actually better than the big chains. It has a great deli counter for starters and usually has free range eggs at a decent price. It stocks muscovado sugar I use for baking and can’t get anywhere else within at least a 10km radius. 

It is convenient after school because it is close and I can park near the door and not get distracted by other shops. But don’t get me started on the fruit and veg.

Like most parents and families we have a lot of sporting commitments and kids activities to squeeze into the weekend and week nights. We  would love the choice to be able to shop in the evening or on Sunday , at a suburban centre or the city, not just the city, Harbourtown and designated tourism precincts (how does that even work  – how are some parts of Mt Lawley tourism?)

You only have to look at the cars parked down the median strip outside Karrinyup when it opens for its few Sunday trading days to realise there is demand.

So what do I do? I shop online. I have used Coles online for groceries, lodging my order after hours. I buy kids clothes from Pumpkin Patch. I buy books, electrical and cosmetics. The latter admittedly is from an offshore merchant, so I am not helping the local economy on that front but the money I save on cleanser I can, say,  put back into buying more fresh produce from WA…when the shops are open!

Online shopping is one way of curtailing my spending – less inclination to impulse buy – and last Christmas it helped avoid queues and parking fees. But is it any wonder I practically froth at the mouth when I go overseas to somewhere like Singapore, where I can step out of my hotel and shop from around 9am to 9pm!?

Somebody get me a plane ticket…

Cooking up a storm

The inclement weather in Perth over the weekend and general malaise of the week offered the perfect excuse to not leave the house all day Sunday and instead, spend it in the kitchen.

First meal of the day, crispy bacon and scrambled eggs with fresh chives. Surprisingly, my son didn’t try to pick out the greenery.

Leftovers and not so great freezer fare for lunch so we’ll skip that part (Friday night had been home made chicken soup and beer bread, Saturday Justin slow roasted fillet steak with garlic and peppercorn sauce).

Had hoped to contain all the baking and cooking to about two hours but it stretched to three of four and yielded:

Anzac biscuits and chocolate slice (for the kids’ lunch boxes), Nigella Lawson’s orange baby bundts (to use up yoghurt), zucchini slice (for my lunches)…

part of Sunday's bake-fest

part of Sunday's bake-fest

But wait there’s more. No pictures, though.
Husband made chocolate eclairs (for my book club) and lamb biryani (his lunches) and I made veal and pork bolognaise, chicken meatballs and bangers with mash, veg and caramelised onion.
That should keep us going til, mmm….Tuesday!

And we’re back

Well hello, nice to see you website.

After a minor debacle in the webisphere partly caused by marital lack of communication about renewing domain name, my blog is back.

It was offline for about three days…thought we had 30 days from July 20 to move/renew but it turns out to have been less. Reminder in the phone went off at an inopportune time in a doctor’s office and was accidentally forgotten…

Kudos to the team at Godaddy.com, which I paid to transfer my domain to late last night (thinking I was so smart and could sort it out without help!).

Alas I found out this morning part way into authorising the transfer the lapsed renewal left me in no-man’s land. So I had to pay to stay where I had been all along at Perth iX. No problem, other than I had already paid Godaddy to re-register and transfer for about 2-3 years!

A quick call to a US 24/7 call centre and it was all fixed. Within minutes I had the cancellation and credit card reversal info. Havem’t checked the credit card yet but am confident it has all gone smoothly – the Godaddy policy is it it didn’t work I didn’t need to pay.

And thanks to Adam at Perth iX for getting things sorted at this end – nothing worse than clicking and seeing nothing and the only proof I had ever blogged was  the Google cache!

Saturday Shopping

bread glorious bread

bread glorious bread

Two Saturdays ago I had a simple task – grab a baguette from Pearl of Highgate near Hyde Park. Somehow ended up with a crusty French loaf, two croissants, a beef rendang pie, flourless choc and Kahlua cake and a raspberry and rhubarb butter cake. Then it was on to Lawleys in Beaufort St for a ciabatta, three flutes and a Smartie cookie. Then over to Daily Supermarket for Asian spice supplies…and some stuffed roti, curry, steamed bun…
Moral of the story…don’t go to buy bread when hungry. But what better place to spend a spring-like winter morning than Beaufort St??