And we’re back

Well hello, nice to see you website. After a minor debacle in the webisphere partly caused by marital lack of communication about renewing domain name, my blog is back. It was offline for about three days…thought we had 30 days from July 20 to move/renew but it turns out to have been less. Reminder in the phone went off at an inopportune time in a … Continue reading And we’re back

Logies tweets

If you’re not on Twitter it would be worth signing up tonight to read the tweets from the Logies. If you believe Dom Knight, Julian Morrow and Wil Anderson, it sounds like Gretel Killeen’s return to TV has so far been far from hilarious. Can’t wait til the cameras pan to the Chaser/Gruen table and they are all head down madly twittering on their iPhones! Continue reading Logies tweets