And we’re back

Well hello, nice to see you website.

After a minor debacle in the webisphere partly caused by marital lack of communication about renewing domain name, my blog is back.

It was offline for about three days…thought we had 30 days from July 20 to move/renew but it turns out to have been less. Reminder in the phone went off at an inopportune time in a doctor’s office and was accidentally forgotten…

Kudos to the team at, which I paid to transfer my domain to late last night (thinking I was so smart and could sort it out without help!).

Alas I found out this morning part way into authorising the transfer the lapsed renewal left me in no-man’s land. So I had to pay to stay where I had been all along at Perth iX. No problem, other than I had already paid Godaddy to re-register and transfer for about 2-3 years!

A quick call to a US 24/7 call centre and it was all fixed. Within minutes I had the cancellation and credit card reversal info. Havem’t checked the credit card yet but am confident it has all gone smoothly – the Godaddy policy is it it didn’t work I didn’t need to pay.

And thanks to Adam at Perth iX for getting things sorted at this end – nothing worse than clicking and seeing nothing and the only proof I had ever blogged was  the Google cache!


Logies tweets

If you’re not on Twitter it would be worth signing up tonight to read the tweets from the Logies.

If you believe Dom Knight, Julian Morrow and Wil Anderson, it sounds like Gretel Killeen’s return to TV has so far been far from hilarious.

Can’t wait til the cameras pan to the Chaser/Gruen table and they are all head down madly twittering on their iPhones!

What the tweet!?

Okay, so I have now spent the better part of two hours trying to get Twitter Updates on this site.

I don’t like the look of the one you get by just adding the Twitter widget.

But I can’t get the HTML or Flash widgets as suggested on Twitter to work.  It ends up with a blank box or just the words “follow me on Twitter”.

I could punch the computer!

To Twitter or Not to Twitter?

I have resisted and will continue to resist Facebook. I’m not really that interested in which of my friends has more friends than the rest and I’d rather converse and plan by phone, email, text or messenger.  I put my pix on Flickr. I put my musings here. I stumble upon old friends on Friends Reunited. I randomly Google friends MIA (where are you Melanie Saw?)

Several people have asked me to join Twitter, including an old high school friend, who oddly enough, hasn’t actually answered the last two emails I sent her.

Just when I thought it might not be a bad thing to do in 2009, especially since I seem to think in random 20 word blocks, I saw this:

Twitter Hacked. Might have a bit of a rethink on that one….