Unfortunately the sub-pages from my old site have not come across to the new one.

Old posts are searchable using the search tool.

As I get to know this new theme, I will either restore the old pages or replace with something new.

2 thoughts on “Archive

  1. Hi Sue – Not sure if you will remember (you’ll have to be good) but you once wrote an article on my work for the West. Turned out that you had been at a workshop I ran for the Gifted & Talented Students at Mt Lawley SHS. Anyway, I have a new book out (Thinking Caps – 40 of my 180 radio pieces on the ABC) and wonder whether I can send you a copy with the idea that you may wish to write a piece on it or do an interview. No obligation if you don’t like what you read! You can get an insight into the book on my web site or on Facebook. All joy.
    Glenn Capelli

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