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Broome or bust

It seems both completely normal and slightly inappropriate that my first post in more than a year is about travel. Travel is something many of us have always taken for granted, something that has become extremely restricted and the stuff of daydreams since COVID-19 turned life as we know it upside down. In June I headed to Broome in the Kimberley region of Western Australia … Continue reading Broome or bust

Fun in the sun (until it all ends in the toilet)

Oops. Wrote this back in January with the best intentions of finding the photo, inserting, posting. Now it’s March…. It has been more than four years since we last visited WA’s favourite holiday island, Rottnest. The main reason for this is my tendency towards extreme sea-sickness. Our daytrip just over a week ago was something that would have fit my friend Hazel’s criteria for a debacle. … Continue reading Fun in the sun (until it all ends in the toilet)