Where did that week go?

Well I survived my first week back in full-time employment. Things that have changed since I left The West in 2007. *The side gate I used to use as a shortcut to the foyer is now locked. Padlocked and covered in cobwebs, in fact. I felt pretty daft marching around to use it, then marching right back again. *There’s still next to nowhere to eat. … Continue reading Where did that week go?

Greenhouse a growing

While on a roll, I thought it would be timely to upload a couple of snaps of one of Perth’s newest and most innovative cafes. The Greenhouse finally gives people a reason to visit St Georges Tce after working hours. No point trying to explain the concept in its entirety here when you can go to the Greenhouse website. In a nutshell, the sustainable cafe idea started in Melbourne and has … Continue reading Greenhouse a growing