The holiday is over, now the hard work begins

On Friday I developed a bad case of Friday-itis. Post holiday blues. A reality check.

We had been home for a week after a month on vacation in the US. The bags were unpacked. The washing was done. The credit card bills had arrived. I was back at work.

So where was I going to find time to download and organise my photos? Print the photos? Scrap book all the receipts, menus and flyers? Post reviews on Trip Advisor? All the things I still haven’t done from our 2009 trip (or any small trip since!?!?)


Life guard station, Venice Beach, California

Life’s a beach

So here is my first step, which, embarrassingly, is also my first post for the year. Lucky I didn’t make a public new year’s resolution to post more often!

I’m going to post a couple of photos a week (that’s the aim) and a few snippets. And I am going to make a conscious effort to post reviews of all the hotels we stayed at on TripAdvisor – a site to whose members I shall forever be indebted, having used their reviews to choose pretty all the hotels we have stayed in since 2007.Pastry counter, Jean-Philippe at the Bellagio

Of course it wouldn’t be a post without the obligatory food photo. This one is of some of the delectable sweets at the pastry shop of Jean-Philippe Maury at the Bellagio in Las Vegas – home to the world’s biggest chocolate fountain. Somehow, if I can work out what I ate over 28 days (by looking at my iPhone) and document it all, a sort of travel diary may write itself!? I take my hat off to all the food and lifestyle bloggers who hold down day jobs and manage to post regularly. Most nights I slip into the familiar family dinner and TV groove and time disappears. However I am determined not to let all my photos, observations and notes go to waste. I also owe some reviews to Urban Spoon, Yelp! and OpenTable – all sites (and apps as the case may be).So between, here, there and everywhere (let’s not forget Instagram and Pinterest) – I look like being quite busy…hope I have enough words to go around!


Singapore Fling

Marina Bay Sands Chocolate Buffet

Marina Bay Sands Chocolate Buffet

Anyone who knows me is well aware that while I love film, television and music – I am really passionate about food. Cooking it, eating it, taking dodgy photographs of it.
Last week in Singapore I visited The Club on the 57th floor of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel. The Sky Park has a commanding view of Singapore city from one side and the harbour from the other.
If you’re a guest of the hotel and not afraid of heights you can even swim in the infinity pool. Non guests such as my friends and I can pay $38++ (everything in Singapore is plus plus for GST and service charges) each evening after 8pm to indulge in the chocolate buffet.
I will pad out this post at a later date but for now here are some photos of the 57 types of chocolate decadence on offer. I reckon I managed about 20 – and didn’t vomit (though we did all need to walk back to our hotel).
Chocolate Buffet, Marina Bay Sands

Chocolate Buffet, Marina Bay Sands

Some of the dishes I tried included churros, chocolate pudding, individual baked chocolate fondant,  profiteroles, cheesecake lollipop, white chocolate pannacotta,  67 per cent chocolate ganache truffle…and of course, macarons.

Marina Bay Sands Chocolate Buffet, Singapore - a taste

Marina Bay Sands Chocolate Buffet, Singapore - a taste


I think this was my second plate, though I could be wrong…as eating only dishes derived from chocolate for dinner is bound to alter your brain function in some way.

Saturday Shopping

bread glorious bread

bread glorious bread

Two Saturdays ago I had a simple task – grab a baguette from Pearl of Highgate near Hyde Park. Somehow ended up with a crusty French loaf, two croissants, a beef rendang pie, flourless choc and Kahlua cake and a raspberry and rhubarb butter cake. Then it was on to Lawleys in Beaufort St for a ciabatta, three flutes and a Smartie cookie. Then over to Daily Supermarket for Asian spice supplies…and some stuffed roti, curry, steamed bun…
Moral of the story…don’t go to buy bread when hungry. But what better place to spend a spring-like winter morning than Beaufort St??

Let them eat cake

Well, I’m still hoping to get to the Magnolia Bakery in New York this year but until then I might have to make do with this one in not so far off Maylands:

Sherbet according to today’s STM has cupcakes that reminded the reviewer of Magnolia, a fave on Sex and the City. And they’re a bit cheaper than the ones at Rochelle Adonis.

I’ll drive anywhere for a good cupcake, will hopefully have time to eat and post the verdict within the week!

Also, putting my publicity hat on for a moment – aspiring cupcake makers only have until July 31 to enter the cookery categories of the Smoke Free Perth Royal Show. Of course you can also enter cakes, slices, scones and the like. See the website for full details – no excuses to all my friends who have said in the past they didn’t know how to enter.

Hickey-gate on Masterchef

Wow, if ever I needed confirmation of the power of Twitter, I had it this morning.

I met  last night’s evicted Masterchef contestant Kate Rodrigues at Cantina in Mt Lawley for a casual chat and coffee. And of course I had to ask about Sam and THAT hickey.

Kate said Josh gave it to Sam as a joke when he visited during the Easter filming break. It was not done by Sam’s wife, or Kate.

I intended to tweet the info right away but then had to go get my daughter from the school sick bay 😦

When I got home I noticed Ten’s Perth publicist, the lovely Bec Harrold had, after me stirring about her lack of Twitter activity, added it to one of her tweets.

Next thing you know Woman’s Day, Channel 10 PR and all tweeted they had hickey-gate solved!

On to more food-related matters, Kate is back working part-time at the Punjab in Innaloo and lists Le Papillon in Bulwer St Perth and Le Paris Brest in Kalamunda as two of her favourite places to pick up sweet treats if she doesn’t have time to back herself.

And if you see Kate out and about – say hi, don’t star – she says the staring freaks her out!

She will probably resume her legal studies next semester while investigating whether to attend a pastry school in London or Paris.

Will add more from our chat later.