Shopper’s Paradise? I think not.

First we lost daylight saving. Now we’re unlikely to get extended trading hours. Welcome to Perth. What’s a shopper to do after hours? I support my local IGA and for some things it is actually better than the big chains. It has a great deli counter for starters and usually has free range eggs at a decent price. It stocks muscovado sugar I use for … Continue reading Shopper’s Paradise? I think not.

Vote Yes for Daylight Saving

WA people can complain with the best of them and the daylight saving debate certainly gets people fired up. I have been listening with interest to talkback callers to 6PR, where Mornings presenter Simon Beaumont is behind the No vote and drive presenter Howard Sattler is backing the Yes vote. Despite working with Simon once a week, I’m firmly on Howard’s side for this one. I … Continue reading Vote Yes for Daylight Saving