I’m back

Apologies. I’m the first to admit there’s no point blogging if you don’t do it regularly. So I will make amends this weekend with a mass outpouring of…pictures…and stuff! First, some recent film reviews of Miley Cyrus in The Last Song and Jackie Chan in the truly awful The Spy Next Door . Stay tuned. Continue reading I’m back

Movie night

Okay, been a bit busy with movies this week to properly post on matters pertaining to TV. Thank heavens for Twitter. So here are some quick links to reviews of two films that opened this week, one for the family, Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief and one for the rom-com and chick flick lovers, Valentine’s Day. The latter was a serious disappointment; not entirely unexpected given … Continue reading Movie night

Kid-friendly summer movies & fun at the drive-in

I’ve had a lot of parents asking me in the last week or so which films I would recommend they take their children to this summer. Probably my least favourite family film this holiday season has been Alvin and the Chipmunks: the Squeakquel.  Yet another sequel that fails to live up to the original and comes across as little more than a dash for box … Continue reading Kid-friendly summer movies & fun at the drive-in

New York, New York…Sex and the City style…

Any diehard Sex and the City fans will already have seen this trailer for the sequel- again and again. So, yet again I am about a week late with the post. I intended to post the link the day it went online but…better late than never. Now I can  play this again and again with ease 🙂 When the trailer was first posted at various sites and YouTube … Continue reading New York, New York…Sex and the City style…