Best laid plans

Okay, so it’s only January and already I have become a bit slack with the posts. I’m working on that.  It is my intention to write small posts more often rather than spewing forth a batch once a fortnight. I’ve also become a bit slack posting the food photos to Flickr; perhaps that is because I continue to attract strange stares everywhere I go for obsessively … Continue reading Best laid plans

To Twitter or Not to Twitter?

I have resisted and will continue to resist Facebook. I’m not really that interested in which of my friends has more friends than the rest and I’d rather converse and plan by phone, email, text or messenger.  I put my pix on Flickr. I put my musings here. I stumble upon old friends on Friends Reunited. I randomly Google friends MIA (where are you Melanie … Continue reading To Twitter or Not to Twitter?