Harbour life

Spent the last week of January in Sydney.

Some colleagues couldn’t figure out why I’d go on holidays to Sydney when I spent a fair amount of time there for work in December and January.

Easy – when you’re working there’s no time for markets, the beach, exploring Chinatown.

A Qantas fly by on Australia Day

A Qantas fly by on Australia Day, as seen from Circular Quay

Here’s a couple of quick snaps unil I get time to do a proper post.

Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach on a Sunny Sunday


Oprah at the Opera House

Oprah comes to town

Boarding passes ready for the Oprah show! The Oprah Press Conference at the "Oprah" House


Oprah at the Opera House

The stage is set for...Oprah at the Opera House


Here’s a few snaps from Tuesday December 14, the day Opera came to the Sydney Opera House. Shame  I can’ t align properly!

It was sunny, the rain stayed away, everyone wore brightly coloured clothing and had a jolly good time. And got either a pearl or diamond necklace.  And no, I was at the first show and did not get to see Hugh Jackman’s spectacular entrance!