Snap happy

I recently purchased a Canon EOS M twin lens kit mirrorless camera, having initially set out to buy a Nikon J2 or V1 or V2.

I’d had my eye on the Nikon 1 range since they were featured in MasterChef last year but they were very expensive on launch and it has been near on impossible to get details of the updated models J2, J3, V2, and S1. Nikon’s website suggested interacting with Twitter but I got no reply via email or Twitter.

With most camera suppliers low on information about if and when the new Nikon models would arrive, and prices varying wildly between the single and dual lens kit, I did quite a bit more research, and ended up with the EOS – in red.

Having used a smart phone, iPhone or point and shoot for the better part of the six years, this has been a steep learning curve and I have a long, long way to go.

My first photographic subjects were assorted family dogs (you can see in the flickr feed, right).

Then I set off to Fremantle to the Street Arts Festival. Snaps below.

Words are my livelihood, not images, but I am snap happy at the best of times. The big question is – what to do with all the photos? There’s only so many you can stick on Twitter and Instagram.

A recent backup of my camera cards and folders revealed hundreds and hundreds of holiday photos I had forgotten about.

Perhaps it’s time to go crazy printing the next time there’s an 8c photo offer.




Welcome to 2010

Lamb Pide - dairy free

Lamb Pide

Okay, what happened to 2009? December flew by without a solitary post; not for the want of trying. A couple of quick posts ended up in drafts, and there they remained. 

If you’ve visited this site previously, you may have noticed my compulsion for almost obsessively photographing everything I cook or eat. 

For example, here’s the yummy lamb pide I made last week – a cheese free pizza that can be enjoyed by my daughter who has dairy allergies. 

And here’s an Indonesian fried chicken dish, also cooked for the first time last week. 

Indonesian Fried Chicken

Indonesian Fried Chicken


I  don’t make any claims about being a  great food photog but I snap away in the vague hope I’ll eventually get time to write something to go with the images. 

Yesterday I decided to force myself to do a bit of both – by starting a Project 365 revolving around food. Yes, I decided a day into the new year – but luckily, I had already taken photos on day 1. 

You can find the photos at my Flickr page categorised under Project 365. 

And of course I’ll continue to post here, too.