Online shopping

Many years ago, after the birth of my first child, I used an online grocery shopping service in Perth called Electrolley. The food was fresh but it didn’t do many deliveries to my suburb. It no longer operates and I always presumed it had been too ahead of its time. A year or so back I started to use Coles Online and have found the … Continue reading Online shopping

Trolley rage

While many Perth families have been obsessing over the MySchool website, this week I have been I’ve been concerned with the big issues. Such as, what is it with Perth people and trolleys? I hate having to pay to use a trolley at the airport but I am more and more inclined to support moves for a pay for use/deposit system at shopping centres. Perhaps I am more … Continue reading Trolley rage

Shopper’s Paradise? I think not.

First we lost daylight saving. Now we’re unlikely to get extended trading hours. Welcome to Perth. What’s a shopper to do after hours? I support my local IGA and for some things it is actually better than the big chains. It has a great deli counter for starters and usually has free range eggs at a decent price. It stocks muscovado sugar I use for … Continue reading Shopper’s Paradise? I think not.

Bagging a bargain

Next year I am definitely going to do more Christmas shopping online. I did it successfully the year my daughter was born, figuring it was easier than pushing a pram through December crowds. The advantages of online shopping are numerous. No crowds. No people jumping queues. No bored shop assistants who look right through you and proceed to serve anyone but you. And most importantly … Continue reading Bagging a bargain