Where is 125 St Georges Tce, Perth?

Where is 125 St Georges Tce?To the casual observer this looks like a pretty boring photo. Part of a building facade with the number 129.

However if you have read this blog lately, you may have noticed a slight obsession with the redevelopment of my old workplace, Newspaper House, formerly of 125 St Georges Tce.

Well, if you take a stroll past the revitalised buildings (Newspaper House, WA Trustees, Royal Insurance) that house restaurants The Trustee and The Heritage, plus assorted pop up shops – you will find there is no longer a 125.

So I did what any good journalist would do, and Googled for the answer.

It would appear that 125 is now the address of the Brookfield Place redevelopment featuring the City Square tower, home of BHP Billiton.

It will also soon be home to The Print Hall restaurant and bar complex which I simply cannot wait to visit, partly for the food and partly for the view of the Swan River which we never truly appreciated from our old canteen.

Somehow I doubt I’ll hear anyone calling out “salmon sammich ready” or that any restaurant will be serving chips and gravy.

St Georges definitely looks like it will be the place to be this spring and summer.


Food glorious food

My obsession with food continues.

After an evening of crabbing in the Swan River last month, Justin returned with the entire boat’s catch of three crabs.Blue manna crabs





Which I managed to turn into my variation of a fave from Alto’s – crab with angel hair pasta…fresh roma tomatos, garlic, onion, EVOO, cracked pepper, salt, parsley. Yum

crab with angel hair pastaAnd here’s a couple of kilo of grapes from the Swan Valley. I have been driving up Benara Road to get them every Saturday the past three weeks. Crunchy and sweet, the kids far prefer this to anything from the supermarket that may have been in cold storage.

grape expectations