The new EEE PC, thanks to Eddie McGuire!

Who said current affairs programs only do stories on shonky salesmen and wonder diets? Just over a week ago I was watching A Current Affair (admittedly mostly to check out Eddie McGuire’s hosting abilities) and saw a story about the best places to shop online.

One of the sites featured was Catch of the Day an Australian website that offers one popular item at noon each day at a bargain basement price. To find out what the daily deal is, just register to receive the free email update. To cut a long story short, I picked up a new Asus EEE PC for $327 plus about $14 postage. Ordered June 13, arrived at my door on June 23. I’m blogging on it now and will upload pix later. It’s the 7 inch 700 version running Xandros flavour of Linux.

I was planning to by the 8.9 inch new 900 XP version but all the reviews seemed to imply the keyboard size had not changed, so for a saving of about $250 I figured I could live without the extra HD space and screen real estate.

It fits perfectly in my Crumpler Breakfast Buffet bag which I picked up on clearance from Sierra Trading Post. If only Perth had more FREE wireless hot spots, I was so annoyed to be able to see about six wireless connections near Burswood today, all of which were secure private networks. Getting a 3G USB modem is looking more appealing all the time (yes the eee pc works with the 3 Mobile broadband modem).