Tweet Yr A** Off

Australia tweeted up a storm about Dance Your Ass Off last night but clearly no-one on Twitter had an OzTam ratings box attached to their telly.

The So You Think You Can Dance-Dancing with the Stars-Biggest Loser hybrid only attracted 77,000 viewers in Perth (ranked 24th for the night) and 797,000 nationally (ranked 21st).

I go back to my original call that this will not last more than a few weeks – maybe just long enough to transition to Go (as already predicted elsewhere).


What’s on the Box?

Since the end of MasterChef on Sunday, a lot of people have been left with gaping holes in their lives. Many chose to fill the void with Dance Your Ass Off, if tonight’s Twitter trending topics is any indication.

What a spectacle; the fishnets, the spandex, the big hair…and that was just the host. Just kidding. Real car-crash stuff – can’t wait to see tomorrow’s ratings.

Speaking of ratings, boy did I get it wrong on the finale of MasterChef. I blame Matt Preston. I thought it would do more than 3 million, he wasn’t so sure, so I revised down to 2.6 to 2.8.

Should have stuck with my instinct – an average 3.72 million tuned in with a peak of 4.11 million – making it the most watched non-sporting event ever and Ten’s highest rating show. It was the third most watched show ever behind the 2005 Australian Open men’s final and 2003 World Cup Soccer Australia v England.

There are several new shows premiering tomorrow (Wednesday) with World’s Strictest Parents on Seven competing against Australia’s Perfect Couple on Nine. The latter is cringe-worthy, unless you think blindfolded kissing and an electric shock test will help determine who makes a perfect match. And host Jules Lund looks a bit like he has spent too much time on a Getaway sun and surf story.

Pick of Wednesday night is Fox8’s new drama The Secret Life of an American Teenager, a surprisingly poignant and humorous family/teen drama. Everyone’s favourite 80s teen flick star Molly Ringwald is the mother of a pretty, polite, all round nice girl who shocks her friends by getting pregnant at band camp.

Secret Life was created by Brenda Hampton of 7th Heaven fame but don’t let that deter you. The show’s second series recently started in the US so it has legs.

Seven has a big Thursday with the belated return of The Amazing Race, plus new Aussie shows TV Burp and Double Take. If the latter two programs can live up to the promos, we should be in for a laugh-filled night, even if a lot of the comedy in Double Take seems to rest on the shoulders of Paul McCarthy.

I’ve somehow managed to steer my eyes away from finding out the winner of TAR (series 14 ended in the US in May) thus far but am sure I will inadvertently see a spoiler soon. The first episode moves at a cracking pace and has two of the best challenges ever – a 70 storey bungee jump off a dam and a Swiss cheese challenge in which the giant wheels of cheese escape and cause mayhem. Hilarious!

 Add that to  the usual weird and wonderful mix of hillbillies, bimbos, bickering couples etc.  You can read more about TAR in The West on Thursday.

This Saturday at 7.30pm there’s the second season premiere of East of Everything on the ABC with Susie Porter and Richard Roxburgh (who has just been cast by Ten to play Bob Hawke). Meanwhile on SBS, those Mythbusters will celebrate the 40th anniversary of the moon landing with a special where they put conspiracy theories to the test to see whether the whole thing could have been a hoax.

I’m reserving judgment on Ten’s The 7pm Project which like any new live/news-panel/talk show needs time to find its feet (and audience).  It has had good and bad moments so far.

James’ opening night assessment of the 60 Minutes Jamie Neale story was pretty funny but Carrie’s blank moment this evening and the cross to MasterChef’s Julie cooking for a winner’s family didn’t quite cut it.

Had no idea who the entertainment reporter was so looked it up on the program website and eventually worked out she is Aleisha McCormack, a TV producer and standup comedian. 7pm Project site actually called her MacCormack but Google helped me anway. According to IMDB she was also a researcher on Glenn Robbins’ series Out of the Question.

If 7pm Project could just drop the use of the B word rhyming with witch, I think I’d be quite content. Although it’s not as family-friendly as MasterChef (which come to think of it did drop the S word a lot) it beats Home and Away and 2 1/2 Men.

Hickey-gate on Masterchef

Wow, if ever I needed confirmation of the power of Twitter, I had it this morning.

I met  last night’s evicted Masterchef contestant Kate Rodrigues at Cantina in Mt Lawley for a casual chat and coffee. And of course I had to ask about Sam and THAT hickey.

Kate said Josh gave it to Sam as a joke when he visited during the Easter filming break. It was not done by Sam’s wife, or Kate.

I intended to tweet the info right away but then had to go get my daughter from the school sick bay 😦

When I got home I noticed Ten’s Perth publicist, the lovely Bec Harrold had, after me stirring about her lack of Twitter activity, added it to one of her tweets.

Next thing you know Woman’s Day, Channel 10 PR and all tweeted they had hickey-gate solved!

On to more food-related matters, Kate is back working part-time at the Punjab in Innaloo and lists Le Papillon in Bulwer St Perth and Le Paris Brest in Kalamunda as two of her favourite places to pick up sweet treats if she doesn’t have time to back herself.

And if you see Kate out and about – say hi, don’t star – she says the staring freaks her out!

She will probably resume her legal studies next semester while investigating whether to attend a pastry school in London or Paris.

Will add more from our chat later.

Logies tweets

If you’re not on Twitter it would be worth signing up tonight to read the tweets from the Logies.

If you believe Dom Knight, Julian Morrow and Wil Anderson, it sounds like Gretel Killeen’s return to TV has so far been far from hilarious.

Can’t wait til the cameras pan to the Chaser/Gruen table and they are all head down madly twittering on their iPhones!

What the tweet!?

Okay, so I have now spent the better part of two hours trying to get Twitter Updates on this site.

I don’t like the look of the one you get by just adding the Twitter widget.

But I can’t get the HTML or Flash widgets as suggested on Twitter to work.  It ends up with a blank box or just the words “follow me on Twitter”.

I could punch the computer!