Tweet Yr A** Off

Australia tweeted up a storm about Dance Your Ass Off last night but clearly no-one on Twitter had an OzTam ratings box attached to their telly. The So You Think You Can Dance-Dancing with the Stars-Biggest Loser hybrid only attracted 77,000 viewers in Perth (ranked 24th for the night) and 797,000 nationally (ranked 21st). I go back to my original call that this will not … Continue reading Tweet Yr A** Off

What’s on the Box?

Since the end of MasterChef on Sunday, a lot of people have been left with gaping holes in their lives. Many chose to fill the void with Dance Your Ass Off, if tonight’s Twitter trending topics is any indication. What a spectacle; the fishnets, the spandex, the big hair…and that was just the host. Just kidding. Real car-crash stuff – can’t wait to see tomorrow’s … Continue reading What’s on the Box?

Logies tweets

If you’re not on Twitter it would be worth signing up tonight to read the tweets from the Logies. If you believe Dom Knight, Julian Morrow and Wil Anderson, it sounds like Gretel Killeen’s return to TV has so far been far from hilarious. Can’t wait til the cameras pan to the Chaser/Gruen table and they are all head down madly twittering on their iPhones! Continue reading Logies tweets