Some recent TV and film stories…

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Here’s an interview with Getaway reporter Kelly Landry.

And last week’s review of Night at the Museum 2.

Last but not least a feature on Supernatural.


Random observations about Perth

For all the people who complain about there being  nothing to do in Perth, bah humbug.

Friday night went to the Nova 937 Eskimo Joe album launch at the Astor – nothing better than a gig with seats! Love those showcase gigs where you get a short, sharp set. Great to see the Astor getting a new lease on life. Inshalla is one of those great no-filler albums you can just play and play, as I have for the past week.

Afterwards had dinner at Hanami. So many places to choose from in Mt Lawley these days compared to 20 years ago when there was only the Desert Cafe.

Driving through Northbridge on a Saturday morning is a killer. Watch out for the one way streets when trying to take short cuts to avoid William St mayhem.

My new favourite bit of Northbridge is around Brisbane/Palmertson St.  Those with a sweet tooth should head for Rochelle Adonis cakes at 193 Brisbane for divine nougat, cakes and tarts. She is only open Wed to Sat.  I also spotted a new Italian patisserie nearby so must go back to check that out soon. With Tarts and Le Papillon nearby, I may undertake a cake crawl….

Mt Lawley restaurants seemed quiet on Friday compared to the crowd at Tony Romas in Perth on Saturday.

If you want ribs on a Friday or Saturday, my tip is get there by 6.30pm because they don’t take bookings those nights.  That said the wait at the bar didn’t seem overly long. No sign of recession with people tucking into plates of ribs and giant cocktails. Loved the complimentary bread basket with herb butter, a nice touch.

Only quibble was with the kid in the booth behind me who kept reaching over and grabbing at my hair. Hello parents, if I can keep my kids seated why can’t you? If all mothers have eyes in the backs of their heads why couldn’t this one see her kid standing up on the seat facing the wrong way?! Ended up swapping with my daughter, and the kid couldn’t quite reach her head.

Perth seems to have an awful lot of lights on in the city after dark. Why? Even the Harbourtown carpark was ablaze with lights Saturday night and we all know Perth doesn’t have late night trading at weekends, although I live in hope.

Mandurah is amazing. We have driven by rather than into Mandurah the past few years but today we went to visit friends at their waterside apartment and were surprised how much had changed. Had fish and chips at Cicerellos and then coffee over at Ninos. So many cafes and restaurants to choose from. And the drive is much quicker now! Next time we might be more organised and catch the train. Dolphins were an added treat.

Hickey-gate on Masterchef

Wow, if ever I needed confirmation of the power of Twitter, I had it this morning.

I met  last night’s evicted Masterchef contestant Kate Rodrigues at Cantina in Mt Lawley for a casual chat and coffee. And of course I had to ask about Sam and THAT hickey.

Kate said Josh gave it to Sam as a joke when he visited during the Easter filming break. It was not done by Sam’s wife, or Kate.

I intended to tweet the info right away but then had to go get my daughter from the school sick bay 😦

When I got home I noticed Ten’s Perth publicist, the lovely Bec Harrold had, after me stirring about her lack of Twitter activity, added it to one of her tweets.

Next thing you know Woman’s Day, Channel 10 PR and all tweeted they had hickey-gate solved!

On to more food-related matters, Kate is back working part-time at the Punjab in Innaloo and lists Le Papillon in Bulwer St Perth and Le Paris Brest in Kalamunda as two of her favourite places to pick up sweet treats if she doesn’t have time to back herself.

And if you see Kate out and about – say hi, don’t star – she says the staring freaks her out!

She will probably resume her legal studies next semester while investigating whether to attend a pastry school in London or Paris.

Will add more from our chat later.

Beam me up Spocky

Film After overdosing on kids’ flicks in recent weeks it was time to see some big people’s films during the last week of April (yes, wrote this then didn’t get time to post).

First up was JJ Abrams big budget reboot of Star Trek. I’ve never been a great fan of Star Trek on TV or the big screen but am a fan of Abrams work and actor Zachary Quinto, who plays the conflicted, violent and mostly evil Sylar on one of my favourite shows, Heroes.

Quinto is perfectly cast as Spock and battles to keep his emotions in check in a manner not dissimilar to the cold and calculating Sylar. I half expected to see him raise a finger and slice open Kirk’s head.

Australia’s Eric Bana is suitably menacing as the tattooed baddie Nero and Chris Pine as Kirk is better here than he was in the recent low budget flick Bottle Shock. The one thing that really bugged me though, and this is a pretty crucial part of the plot, is the time travel, black hole, space time continuum jump scenario, resulting in current and future versions of Spock.

 In most TV shows (such as Heroes), altering events while time travelling can have serious, history-changing repercussions. And if one character has a present and future version, why don’t others? At one point future/old Spock mentions to young/current Kirk he did grow up with a father who was proud of him. So what happened to that version of Kirk senior?

My husband, a Star Trek fan, looked at me like I was a moron when I said I didn’t really get the whole time/space/future jumping business but I was pleased to note The West’s film editor Mark Naglazas had similar feelings about that aspect. Shannon Harvey also noted he didn’t like the time travel element in STM this week.

I think JJ Abrams is totally obsessed with time travel. Just look at Lost, and from memory even his first major TV series Felicity had some sort of whacky future fast forward. Lost’s time jumping has really aggravated me but having invested the better part of four years in the series I feel compelled to keep watching, knowing the end is nigh in 2010.

The best thing about Star Trek is that Abrams only has finite amount of time to work with; imagine how much time jumping he’d squeeze in if he had five seasons of Star Trek top play with!?

I also went to a preview of the big screen adaptation of Paul Abbott’s British TV series State of Play, starring Russell Crowe in the role played by John Simm. Despite being in desperate need of a loo break I stayed on the edge of my seat for almost the entire two hours, even though the last 15 minutes felt rushed and were a bit of a let down.

Newspaper journalists in the audience chuckled at the 80s technology used by Crowe at his Washington newspaper, where the bottom line and keeping the owners happy has started to impact on investigative journalism.

Don’t think I have ever heard of a story so major that the presses are held until well after midnight being written in, what, about five minutes. Then sent direct to the presses minus any subbing or layout by pushing “send”. Clichéd old school journo types battle the new media whiz kids with moral lines about sharing information with police getting very muddied.

Look out for Jason Bateman, almost didn’t recognise him as a wired, ultra-sleazy PR guy caught up in the political maelstrom. Worth seeing when it opens at the end of May

Vote Yes for Daylight Saving

WA people can complain with the best of them and the daylight saving debate certainly gets people fired up.

I have been listening with interest to talkback callers to 6PR, where Mornings presenter Simon Beaumont is behind the No vote and drive presenter Howard Sattler is backing the Yes vote.

Despite working with Simon once a week, I’m firmly on Howard’s side for this one.

I could run out of space listing the reasons. Here are some of them

More family time; more time to swim and play sport after school; the ability to do and hang out the washing at the end of the day; more time for barbecues with family and friends (this summer our book club met every Thursday for a month for cricket and dinner by the river with husbands and kids).

I reckon half the people who say their kids don’t go to sleep probably have trouble getting them to sleep any time of year. My tip – get sunblock blinds!

I do however agree that daylight saving to the end of March is pushing it a bit, getting up in the semi-dark to get ready for work and school is not ideal.

And although I have never noticed it before, this year my kids did seem to take a week to adjust to coming off daylight saving. They were getting up at 6am (what had been 7) but still going to bed at the same time. Even the dog was confused, barking for dinner at 4pm instead of 5pm and barking to get let in at 7pm instead of 8pm. But they were soon back to normal; not much different to the impact of long-haul travel to lands with daylight saving.

Having lived in Sydney briefly in my early 20s, daylight saving was great for being able to walk home after dark without fear. This summer I particularly enjoyed catching up with girlfriends for early evening movies and not having to worry about walking to the car in the dark.

Something that also seems to be getting confused in the No debate is people who have to get up early to deal with the east coast. The No voters say we should use technology like broadband and mobile phones and sit in home offices rather than driving to the office.

Hello, we still have to get up early no matter where the phone and computer are! My husband works in IT and often gets early morning support calls on his mobile. There’s a lot of difference between waking at 6 and 7am.

As a journalist I often have interviews that are scheduled to suit the east coast, UK or US and even getting the last slot on a schedule in summer may be 9am Sydney time – 7am here with daylight saving, 6am without.

Anyways here is the link to the Yes campaign.

And I’ll have to check on this but I am sure tonight’s news said around 15 people turned up to the No launch today. Just 15? Maybe YES has a chance after all!!  Don’t forget to vote for daylight not dark on May 16.

Logies tweets

If you’re not on Twitter it would be worth signing up tonight to read the tweets from the Logies.

If you believe Dom Knight, Julian Morrow and Wil Anderson, it sounds like Gretel Killeen’s return to TV has so far been far from hilarious.

Can’t wait til the cameras pan to the Chaser/Gruen table and they are all head down madly twittering on their iPhones!