Hickey-gate on Masterchef

Wow, if ever I needed confirmation of the power of Twitter, I had it this morning.

I met  last night’s evicted Masterchef contestant Kate Rodrigues at Cantina in Mt Lawley for a casual chat and coffee. And of course I had to ask about Sam and THAT hickey.

Kate said Josh gave it to Sam as a joke when he visited during the Easter filming break. It was not done by Sam’s wife, or Kate.

I intended to tweet the info right away but then had to go get my daughter from the school sick bay 😦

When I got home I noticed Ten’s Perth publicist, the lovely Bec Harrold had, after me stirring about her lack of Twitter activity, added it to one of her tweets.

Next thing you know Woman’s Day, Channel 10 PR and TV.com all tweeted they had hickey-gate solved!

On to more food-related matters, Kate is back working part-time at the Punjab in Innaloo and lists Le Papillon in Bulwer St Perth and Le Paris Brest in Kalamunda as two of her favourite places to pick up sweet treats if she doesn’t have time to back herself.

And if you see Kate out and about – say hi, don’t star – she says the staring freaks her out!

She will probably resume her legal studies next semester while investigating whether to attend a pastry school in London or Paris.

Will add more from our chat later.


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