Time flies

Woops. Where did almost three years go without a post? To ease back into things I’ll post some links to stories from The West. Here are some photos from a recent work trip to Singapore; these are some of the items from the degustation menu from one-star Michelin restaurant Labyrinth. Full story here: Haute to Hawker. How did I get to Singapore? I got to … Continue reading Time flies

Newsflash! It’s a New Post… about a #dirtystreetpie

Clearly the “back in business” post in April was premature because here we are in September (what!? September!? It’s almost Christmas) with not a sign of a post in between. So I’m cutting myself some slack. I have a life. I have a family. I have a full-time job where I use up my best words every day and then some. Maintaining a blog as … Continue reading Newsflash! It’s a New Post… about a #dirtystreetpie