Can a pair of shoes change your life?

This is the question I asked myself tonight after taking off my first pair of Brooks running shoes.

I bought them after my second running session almost three weeks ago, learning the reasons my Nikes were hurting my toes was possibly because one foot is a full half size bigger than the other.

I am not a runner. I am not in the least bit sporty. I swim in the backyard pool daily over summer and I was a regular walker until I got a godawful cough earlier in the year knocked the motivation right out of me.

The last time I “ran” was probably in Little Athletics when I was 12. That’s not counting being dragged along by my dogs when they decide they’d rather run than walk.

Three weeks ago I joined a learn to run group with a friend from work. The course is aimed at “women of a certain age” who have never run and want to learn how without dying in the process (that last bit is not actually in the promo blurb).

We’re doing a lot of intervals and clocking up 4-6km a session at varying paces depending on our own stamina and fitness (some of the participants have obviously done this before and would thereby be clocking up more).

Some have questioned why anyone would start running in their late 40s.

Am I planning to do the City to Surf?

After nine sessions straight tonight I felt a step closer to my endgame – being able to go for a run for enjoyment. Not because it’s exercise or some sort of punishment.

I’ll never turn into one of those people who runs daily, faces grimacing, covered in sweat. That does not look like fun.

If I can find some good podcasts, or company, I think the motivation will follow. Assuming my knees don’t pack it in.

After all it costs nothing to go for a run.


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