Monster House, that lame-o excuse for a TV show, has been dumped by Nine after just two episodes.

After 10 years of critiquing TV, this one screamed “dud” the moment I saw it in Nine’s 2008 showreel. What were they thinking trying to come up with a “reality sitcom” (add an H in there and you’ll be close) that so blatantly tried to copy the ingenuity of Thank God You’re Here?

Heck, they even tried to replicate the TGYH door in their logo. As for host Bernard Curry, well, he was never Stephen, was he?

The casting was odd, too. Toula (Rebel Wilson)  from Pizza and Celia Ireland, best remembered for playing the ward clerk Regina on All Saints whose partner got shot to death in one of those end of season sieges (or did she die? ah, neither here nor there).

I boldy predicted during my regular TV segment on 6PR with Simon Beaumont that Monster House would be the stinker of the season. Bold in that I had not actually seen it when I made the declaration on Perth airwaves. But  if something smells like doggy doo at a distance, well…enough said. No doubt you’ll see the remaining eps after 11pm or some Sunday afternoon.


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