Oh poo!

There’s only so much poo a person can deal with.

If you happen to drive past my house tonight and notice our wheelie bin upside down in the middle of the lawn, it has nothing to do with the hoon neighbours.

The bin is smeared with poo. Dog poo, I presume. Not sure how it got there or how long it has been there but it kind of explains why the bin stinks worse then the tip. And why the flies have been gathering.

The logical explanation would be that it is our dog’s  poo but how it ended up smeared in the bottom of the bin is the mystery because we always tie up the poo bags.

The conspiracy theorist in me would like to blame it on a dog walker hurling their doggy doo in while the bin was parked on the side lawn last week (haven’t you ever been tempted while walking the pooch to put your yellow bag of steaming poop in a bin on the verge instead of carrying it to the next dog poop bin in the next park?).

I haven’t been game enough to have a closer look but the initial inspection appeared that the loose dog poop had come from a freezer bag.

As a parent I am quite accustomed to dealing with poo. Somehow last week my son managed to get poop on his rug…he must have done number 2s, got some in his dacks and decided to change himself without telling us.

Skid marks in kiddy undies – right into the Napisan no problems. Stains in the toilet – in goes the White King.

But I have this horrible fear that if I turn the hose on to spray the poop out of the wheelie bin, I am going to end up wearing it.

This might be a job for the man of the house 🙂


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