I’m Back

Hmm, long time between entries. I have even taken the web address off my signature, for fear of people seeing how few and far between the updates have been.


I just tried to change my header image and the whole thing has vanished; something to investigate tomorrow.


All that is about to change; I am going to write more often, and write in Word first.


I had been considering joining the 100 Words website and figured I’d be better served making more of an effort to write 100 words to publish myself!


I’ve also changed my attitude to this whole blogging thing. I think I’ll just write whatever takes my fancy and whatever pops into my head; within reason. After all, I don’t fancy defending myself on a defamation charge!


While I am still not actively promoting this blog’s existence, I do hope anyone stumbling upon this or visiting it intentionally are amused, inspired, perplexed but hopefully not peeved!


I’m also planning to upload more photos. Not having the Fuji Finepix 6500 for a whole month really took the fun out of taking photos. I’m also looking into upgrading from the Sony Ericsson k750i to a 3-5 megapixel camera, perhaps a Nokia. Still researching that one.



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