Tube Talk June 25

Ratings hit Australia’s Got Talent ends on July 1 and the next night Seven has lined up the special World’s Got Talent showcasing the weird and wonderful from the worldwide franchise.The accent is definitely on the weird: a man whipping his pregnant wife, a stripper,a male pole dancer, a concussed acrobat, a bloke with darts in his gut, another bloke in a washing machine, the world’s oldest stripper…and I’m only 25 minutes into the show. It is narrated by US judge Piers Morgan but with any luck they might get Dannii Minogue to overdub it for the local market. Lots of icky contortions and semi-nudity explains the 8.30pm timeslot.

Good news for Prison Break fans – season three resumes on Seven at episode nine on July 9.

Not exactly Christmas in July but the long awaited 2007 Dr Who Christmas special Voyage of the Damned finally screens this Sunday June 29 on the ABC. Our Kylie stars as a waitress on the doomed space cruiser Titanic. Her hair is the right vintage but makes her look a lot older than 40.

My favourite comedy of the moment is Little Miss Jocelyn screening Mondays at 10.15pm on the ABC. From parking inspector and unhelpful bus driver to Nigerian driving instructor and racist South Africa immigrant socialite, Jocelyn Jee Esien is a hoot. Mixing sketch with streetcam it’s Little Britain meets Ali G; so much funnier than Catherine Tate.


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