Nokia…connecting people, and spooking them

It’s day six with the Nokia 6220 Classic after two years with the Sony Ericsson k750i which is now sitting forlornly under a pile of clothing.

So far so good – the photos are great. I like the detail shown in the extra info on flickr. Check out the photostream for examples.

No idea yet exactly how to work the GPS, it turned itself on twice today (okay I probably bumped something by mistake) and told me I was at my parents’ neighbour’s house and later when at home, said I was next door. Still, pretty close to be one door away.

Also mildly freaked by hearing the phone talking in my bag announcing the caller, didn’t know I had turned that on. Must clean up phone book entries.

Video taken in Dunsborough looks great, plays on inbuilt RealPlayer; must check out the TV out functionality. Email great too, though need to work out with Optus the data charges.

Still so much to explore, haven’t even tried the music and radio yet.


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