What is it about travelling to the South West of WA that makes you suddenly want to eat pies? I think I ate more pies in five days down south than in the last five years. My husband is even worse than me; at least I only had them for lunch.

If you are heading south via the Old Coast Rd make sure to stop at the multi-award winning Miami Bakehouse in the Falcon Grove Shopping Centre. The Cajun pie was tops, a hint of spice, big tender chunks of chicken breast, enclosed in flaky but not dry or oily pastry made with vegetable oil. Justin had a curry (I think) and a Guinness pie. The chocolate and eclair with cream and custard was too much pastry not enough custard so next time I will try a friand, they looked delish.

My next pie was a chicken and mushroom from the renowned Dunsborough Bakery, which as previously mentioned, seemed to have been made with canned champignons, eeew.

Last and definitely yukkiest was a plain beef pie from the Donnybrook Bakery. More my fault than theirs, what was I thinking deviating from chicken?  As I tried to delicately eat it in the car in the rain outside the servo opposite,  Justin said it looked about as right as me drinking a stubby of beer (I am a non drinker, much to the mirth/bemusement of many) The pie repeated all the way home. The plus side, I’ll keep my mits off party pies at kids parties for months to come. Oh, and Justin seemed thrilled with his square pepper steak pie, just what he wanted.


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