Best babycino

Pictured is what has to be Perth’s best value babycino, available at Lawley’s bakery in Mt Lawley. I hope that by revealing this secret that there won’t be an immediate stampede and price rise! Just to be sure, all I will say is it is less than a dollar.

Perth's best babycino
Perth's best babycino

My son calls Lawley’s the “smartie cookie place” because of the cookie that comes with the babycino. How good is that, beats stale marshmallows.

You would think a babycino would be relatively cheap and easy to make. After all, it is just a bit of warm milk froth and in better cafes, actually a mini hot chocolate.

Gloria Jeans cafes usually offer a free babycino for every adult coffee purchased. You can then top the milk with chocolate and sprinkles. They charge for flavoured milk.

The last time I purchased one in David Jones it was about $1.90, pretty steep. We were charged $2 at the cafe at Ngilgi Cave in Yallingup but the babycino was served in an adult cup and was actually about a 2/3 sized hot chocolate.

Tealicious in Dunsborough offered a free babycino with adult coffee purchase.

On a recent visit to a food outlet at the Galleria in Morley, my son screwed up his nose and said “this is not a babycino”. I continued chatting to my mum and he continued protesting. Imagine my horror when I realised he had in face been given a small shot of coffee with froth!

I returned it to the counter and the apologetic barista said “it is only a small amount of coffee” to which I replied, “in all my years of buying babycinos, no one has ever given my son real coffee!” A new one made with chocolate was forthcoming.


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