A long time ago….

Bah. I’m a big Star Wars fan from way back but sadly I was not at all impressed with Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Or as I like to call it, Star Wars episode 2a. Or “the one between the Clones and the Sith”.

It’s animated, it’s aimed at 12-year-old boys and gamers, and I don’t fit either category. I don’t understand why the characters had to walk/lope like Thunderbirds.

My four-year-old seemed quite keen to see it and has been pointing at the bus shelter posters from miles away but he wasn’t impressed at all, despite loving the game Lego Star Wars. I wonder if one day there will be a generation of kids who have never seen Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope and only know of The Force from computer games?

Anyways, full review to come after it has been published in The West Australian or after I write a different version of it….


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