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Could someone please invent a device that allows thoughts to be transferred to computer, possibly by USB? Speech to text won’t do it as I am too tired to talk!

So much to say so little time to type. I saw WALL-E at a preview screening last weekend and the kids seemed to enjoy it. I’d say 7 to 10s would be the perfect age. Also saw a trailer for the new High School Musical 3 and Beverley Hills Chihuahua, both on the soon to be eight-year-old daughter’s must see list.

In a nutshell, another Pixar masterpiece, a robot love story with messages about the obesity epidemic and the state of the environment. Did I mention that about the first half has almost no dialogue apart from WALL-E’s blips and beeps.

This weekend it is a cheesy dose of high adventure with The Mummy III. Yippee.

What else is on this weekend, oh yes, the WA state election. I live in one of the newly created electorates, the controversial northern suburbs one being contested by former TV reporter Reece Whitby (the hand-picked Labour candidate) and the Labour turned independent candidate John D’Orazio.

Yes there is a Liberal candidate, Ian Britza, but I had to search for that information on the Web. Three days out and we have received no information about what he stands for. Or who he is. The only Ian Britza I can find using Google is associated with Ian Britza Ministries in NSW. I think he could be one and the same. Wouldn’t know what he looked like, no posters anywhere. There’s also a Christian Democrat running in the area (I think) but they are anti daylight saving, anti extended shopping…etc etc.

I don’t know what is worse, being bombarded by campaign material or not having enough to know who stands for what. The light rail down Alexander Drive is something they should all adopt.

Just for something light to end with, check out the new dating show Taken Out on Ten weeknights at 7pm. I don’t know how long it will last but it is a bit of a crackup. We have taken to shouting at the telly “nah, she’s gone, nose is too big” or “nah, get rid of her, bad hair”…”turn your light out, he’s a dork…” Bit rude for 7pm with talk of sex on the dance floor and the mile high club but 7pm is dodgy all round, really. Host James Kerley, however, should lose the T-shirt and suit jacket type look, Andrew G used to be able to pull it off but I think Kerley should decide – scruffy, casual or smart?


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