Hearts aflutter

It was a bittersweet day Tuesday when the willy wagtail babies born and raised in our backyard about 2-3 weeks ago decided it was time to leave the nest.

Proud Parent of three, alas, one baby now MIA
Proud Parent of three, alas, one baby now MIA

The nest was constructed on a piece of disused exercise equipment just under the eaves. The adult birds are excellent parents, very protective and spending hours on end catching bugs for the babies to eat.

Sadly, we seem to be down to just two baby birds. Each night since leaving the nest they have been sitting on our roof or our neighbour’s gutter but for at least 24 hours we have not seen the third baby.  We have seen two today on the pool fence, the roof and in the patio area but no third.. :-

Photo gallery at Flickr.


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