Happy New Year

Woops. Where did the rest of 2008 go? Good thing I did not make a resolution to post more (well, not out loud) or I would have failed already!

A quick recap. Ate lots of turkey. Found new uses for leftovers including turkey and ham risotto and turkey, pea and ham pasta to join old favourites like  ham omelettes. Made lots of fruit mince stuff, as usual, which is still sitting on the bench.

Caught up with friends and relatives from far and wide. Photos to follow in another post and on Flickr.

Saw the arrival departure of a new batch of willy wagtails, not without some dramas when all three babies seemed to determined to leave the next earlier than the first babies. We awoke one morning to find two behind pots and one on the ground. All’s well that ends well, we think, as they keep coming back to the patio and pooping on everything!

All internet-ordered gifts arrived on time. Was particularly happy with the service of canvas printers Brilliant Prints in Brisbane. Got a stretched canvas of a photo taken by Justin of the Eiffel Tower in 2008 for only a little more than what I would have paid at a department or photo store – quality canvas, door to door express post shipping, good customer service. Actually – it’s a version of the image used at the top of this blog!

Was notso happy with Big W photos/Fujifilm for not delivering photobooks until after Christmas. What is the point of having a deadline for orders if you are not going to meet it? Next year they should make the order cut off early December. I was also advised to have orders posted to my home, not the store. I hasten to add I am happy with the final product, shame I couldn’t wrap and put under the tree ready to send back to Tassie.

Hmm, what else. Have seen the kids flicks Bolt and The Tale of Despereaux, among other things. Will post assorted reviews from recent weeks, she says with good intentions 😉

So, if you have taken the time to drop by, thank you. I hope you will continue to find my posts amusing, informative, or maybe even a teeny bit annoying, in 2009.

Happy (belated) New Year.


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