Not a debacle

On December 18 there was a reunion of sorts of former West cadets-colleagues, friends and housemates from 1985 to 1988.

Fate Place?West reunion at The Brisbane Dec 08
Fate Place/West reunion at The Brisbane Dec 08

Hazel, Ward and James shared the Como abode known as “Fate Place”,  while Peter went to Curtin (then WAIT) with Hazel and Ward (correct me if I am wrong).

Then Hazel started at The West in 85, Ward, Catherine and James in 86, me in 87 and Tamara in 88.

A shared love of Abba, home movies, film, music and outings that turned into complete debacles is what I think drew Tamara and I into the Fate Place orbit (we were a fraction a younger than the others and lucky to be accepted by our older, wiser and more worldly colleagues, hehe).

Key people missing from the unofficial mini-reunion (thanks Tam and Haze for lining it up!), which was timed to coincide with Ward and Peter arriving from London to visit family over XMas, include Patrick Giorgi, David Bodeker and Kirstie Parker.

Fate Place mini-reunion Dec 08 Brisbane Hotel Perth
Fate Place mini-reunion Dec 08 Brisbane Hotel Perth

Over the years people have changed careers, continents and marital staus but here we all were at the Brisbane Hotel. Food and company were great and nothing debacle-ish happened at all! We must have grown up!

Incidentally if you Google Hazel Bradley (or key her name into YouTube), you will find some of the seminal Fate Place era films including Picnic at Helena Quarry!


2 thoughts on “Not a debacle

  1. I remember some of that time having been friends with Hazel and Peter. I recall the ‘Como’ house and Peter’s seminal classic ‘Images of Pretension’.
    Also late calls to the West declaring my love for Hazel (or was that her alter-ego ‘Deidre’!

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