Wash your mouth out!

What is it with adults today who insist on swearing in public, in the presence of children?!?#
Yesterday at the local pool a stocky looking bloke got out of the water, answered his phone and began strutting around, holding a conversation at the top of his voice, peppered with the F word.
A few unsubtle glares from me and he moved on but could still be heard at the other end of the pool. Why didn’t he just get dry and leave if the call was so important?
He came back to get his belongings, continued a conversation littered with the S-word, then strutted off. He was nothing to look at so goodness knows what was with the strut.
It doesn’t matter where we go these days, be it the local fast food outlet or the local park, there always seems to be some inconsiderate person happy to open their gutter mouth regardless of who is in earshot. Sometimes it’s even people in business suits.

I am no saint; I admit I let out the occasional expletive, but not in the presence of children, in public places or near my mother. Most often it is while driving solo, in response to  the appalling driving habits of most Perth road users. I have lost count of the number of people I have seen in recent days on the phone, running red lights or driving without licence plates! But let’s not go there, for now!


One thought on “Wash your mouth out!

  1. Actually it would be great if people just didn’t speak loudly on mobile phones in public, regardless of the use or not of expletives!! When i’m perusing the latest offerings at the ABC store I really don’t want to know the life story of whoever is standing next to me and while we’re at it, what happened to the idea that libraries are supposed to be quiet places?? 🙂

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