Two Fists One Heart

Daniel AmalmI wouldn’t normally post “celebrity” photos but what the heck.

Here’s a photo I snapped of Daniel Amalm at the Intercontinental Burswood Hotel this morning, where he was doing interviews to promote his first lead role in the locally made feature film Two Fists One Heart.

Brisbane-based Daniel plays Anthony Argo, a young boxer torn between meeting his Sicilian father’s expectations and finding his own place in the world. It’s a father and son story, a love story and best of all a PERTH story with lots of Perth locations.

No, that doesn’t mean the Bell Tower but you do get to see Cottesloe Beach, the South Perth ferry, Swan River and several Northbridge locations such as The Mustang Bar – all using their real names.

The film is inspired or loosely based on the formative years of Rai Fazio, who beat the odds and funding bureaucracy to finally get Two Fists made.  He told 6PR’s Simon Beaumont today that 70 per cent of the story was true.

Rai wrote and appeared in the film, which also stars locals made good Jessica Marais of Australia’s No. 1 TV drama Packed to the Rafters and singer/comedian Tim Minchin.

The film opens nationally (Australia) on March 19. You can learn more at

And you can read more about Daniel Amalm in The West Australian next week. If you’re wondering what you last saw Daniel in, he was Dino Dibra in the original Underbelly.


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