Let them eat cake

Well, I’m still hoping to get to the Magnolia Bakery in New York this year but until then I might have to make do with this one in not so far off Maylands:

Sherbet according to today’s STM has cupcakes that reminded the reviewer of Magnolia, a fave on Sex and the City. And they’re a bit cheaper than the ones at Rochelle Adonis.

I’ll drive anywhere for a good cupcake, will hopefully have time to eat and post the verdict within the week!

Also, putting my publicity hat on for a moment – aspiring cupcake makers only have until July 31 to enter the cookery categories of the Smoke Free Perth Royal Show. Of course you can also enter cakes, slices, scones and the like. See the website for full details – no excuses to all my friends who have said in the past they didn’t know how to enter.


4 thoughts on “Let them eat cake

  1. Hello,

    I hope you do get to Magnolia Bakery in NYC!

    You will love those cupcakes. I promise!

    ~ Gabriela ~

    1. Thanks I am hoping to be eating a Magnolia cupcake sweet treat before the year is out! And one from Sprinkles in LA! I want to try a red velvet cupcake, they seem to be popular in the US.

  2. Thanks Gemma your cakes look delicious. It looks like you probably only do pre-orders…I tend to be a walk past the window, admire, then go in and buy a box kind of cupcake eater. See my more recent post on Sherbet’s cupcakes…

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