Cooking up a storm

The inclement weather in Perth over the weekend and general malaise of the week offered the perfect excuse to not leave the house all day Sunday and instead, spend it in the kitchen.

First meal of the day, crispy bacon and scrambled eggs with fresh chives. Surprisingly, my son didn’t try to pick out the greenery.

Leftovers and not so great freezer fare for lunch so we’ll skip that part (Friday night had been home made chicken soup and beer bread, Saturday Justin slow roasted fillet steak with garlic and peppercorn sauce).

Had hoped to contain all the baking and cooking to about two hours but it stretched to three of four and yielded:

Anzac biscuits and chocolate slice (for the kids’ lunch boxes), Nigella Lawson’s orange baby bundts (to use up yoghurt), zucchini slice (for my lunches)…

part of Sunday's bake-fest
part of Sunday's bake-fest
But wait there’s more. No pictures, though.
Husband made chocolate eclairs (for my book club) and lamb biryani (his lunches) and I made veal and pork bolognaise, chicken meatballs and bangers with mash, veg and caramelised onion.
That should keep us going til, mmm….Tuesday!

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