I don’t think it’s any coincidence that the end of exams has seen an increase in hoon drivers on the road. Souped up utes, Skylines Commodores, all bearing P plates.

Pulling out of the bank car park on Wednesday, a youth hanging out of the window of his “attractive” burnt orange Commodore swore at me, for no apparent reason. It was a busy car park and I had waited several minutes to pull out of my bay in such a manner that someone else waiting could get in. So much for courtesy.

Driving on a 16-lane freeway in Los Angeles was hair-raising but I sometimes I honestly feel more unsafe on Perth roads where  the first sign of rain seems to be an open invitation to speed, tailgate and generally act and drive like a tool.

The other thing bugging me on Perth roads is uncovered and unsecured loads  – people driving along and just now caring what blows or falls off the back of their vehicle. So irresponsible.

Oh and last but not least the idiots who continue to throw cigarette butts out the window. I’d love someone to throw a butt right into their laps.


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