Hooray for Fake Tiffany Seizure

I am not one of the Perth women distraught by the seizure by Customs officials of eight consignments of fake Tiffany jewellery.

About time and well done, I say. I have wondered for months how women in Perth were getting away with selling the fake Tiffany by party plan.

It is one thing to buy fake designer sunnies or a knock off bag while on holidays in Bali or even the streets of New York (and no, I didn’t even look at them in NYC).

It’s quite something else to sell Tiffany by party plan or online (and by that I mean not at the official site)

Some people were today complaining online and on radio that no one who bought the goods actually believed them to be real Tiffany, so no harm was done.

No harm? What about trademark and intellectual property infringement, loss of sales and so on? A few years ago there was a crackdown at east coast markets to stamp out the sale of copy designer gear and sportswear but this fakes trade doesn’t seem to have made news of late.

Tiffany is an iconic brand. Anyone who has seen Audrey Hepburn in the classic Breakfast at Tiffany’s has probably longed for a little blue/green box tied with a white ribbon.

I received my first item of Tiffany for Christmas last year, a bracelet I wear with pride (and have been known to take off when cross at the husband who bought it).

A friend received a necklace for her birthday not long after. Another friend has a small collection she has purchased over the last few years.

On several occasions I have been invited to the fake Tiffany parties and declined. If I want costume jewellery, I go to Myer, Diva or Witchery.

If I want Tiffany, I drop hints for about a year and hope for the best.

On my recent trip to New York I acquired my second little blue/green box, forking out for a pair of Tiffany earrings. I had promised myself I would buy myself an early birthday present from the flagship Fifth Avenue store, and I did (interestingly no one seemed that keen to serve me until I already had one bag in hand – I was in jeans that day).

Tiffany & Co the real deal
Real Tiffany & Co jewellery

People have often said of the fake stuff  “but it looks real” and “but it looks real at a quarter of the price”. 

Tiffany and Co Fifth Ave, New York
Happy Times at Tiffany and Co Fifth Ave, New York

 I have heard of debates starting when women with fakes have scoffed at those who have paid for or received  the real item. I have also heard of people buying the fakes and passing them off to friends for birthday gifts as the real deal. This only serves to devalue the items we have saved and paid for.

You can only buy the real Tiffany at Tiffany & Co stores and their official website www.tiffany.com

I’m not rolling in money and I can’t afford most of the things I’d like from Tiffany (that’s why we have wish lists). But I am happy in the knowledge that each of the few items I have now and will hopefully receive in the future were purchased legitimately, with integrity, for a special occasion.

To read more about the Customs seizure here’s an ABC story and one from PerthNow that has attracted quite a few comments.



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