Welcome to 2010

Lamb Pide - dairy free
Lamb Pide

Okay, what happened to 2009? December flew by without a solitary post; not for the want of trying. A couple of quick posts ended up in drafts, and there they remained. 

If you’ve visited this site previously, you may have noticed my compulsion for almost obsessively photographing everything I cook or eat. 

For example, here’s the yummy lamb pide I made last week – a cheese free pizza that can be enjoyed by my daughter who has dairy allergies. 

And here’s an Indonesian fried chicken dish, also cooked for the first time last week. 

Indonesian Fried Chicken
Indonesian Fried Chicken


I  don’t make any claims about being a  great food photog but I snap away in the vague hope I’ll eventually get time to write something to go with the images. 

Yesterday I decided to force myself to do a bit of both – by starting a Project 365 revolving around food. Yes, I decided a day into the new year – but luckily, I had already taken photos on day 1. 

You can find the photos at my Flickr page categorised under Project 365. 

And of course I’ll continue to post here, too.


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