Greenhouse a growing

The Greenhouse
The Greenhouse, 100 St Georges Tce

While on a roll, I thought it would be timely to upload a couple of snaps of one of Perth’s newest and most innovative cafes.

The Greenhouse finally gives people a reason to visit St Georges Tce after working hours.

No point trying to explain the concept in its entirety here when you can go to the Greenhouse website. In a nutshell, the sustainable cafe idea started in Melbourne and has been reconstructed at 100 st Georges Tce outside the new Enex 100 shopping  complex.

I mistakenly thought the cafe was on the roof of Enex 100, which it isn’t. Strangely there’s not even a sign in the Enex arcades pointing to it.

To find the Grenhouse from Hay Street, make sure to go down to the Woolworths level and exit onto st Georges Tce. Then you won’t be able to miss it – or the lush green walls made from strawberry plants in terracotta pots (hmm, will passersby pinch the berries as they ripen, one wonders?)

The food menu seems geared toward the grazing/tapas style being favoured by small bars and I look forward to getting back to try the lamb koftas one afternoon or evening.

Although the cafe is smack in the middle of the Terrace, it is also family friendly – we visited on a Saturday afternoon with kids in tow. There was a baby in a pram at an adjacent table and I spotted a bright red high chair.

Having just tried the yum cha in the upmarket food court at Enex, we were only up for coffee and sweets. We ordered the meringue and coconut and pineapple tart, at $8 and $8.50.

Meringue and fruit


The meringue was served on a thick passionfruit curd with a custard-like texture, with cream tucked inside the crisp shell.

Fresh pieces of kiwifruit, strawberry and mango were served in a jam jar on the side…hence my description of deconstructed pavlova. It was the perfect mix of sweet and tart flavours and soft and crunchy textures. It was also better value than the coconut and pineapple tart which was served warm and didn’t seem like much more than a caramelised pineapple ring on puff pastry.

After leaving I realised there was an outside staircase and what appeared to be speakers on the upper garden deck, which I imagine may open in the evenings when things are busier – in addition to providing the kitchen with fresh herbs.

We’ll be back to check out the breakfast menu – how can you resist taking kids to a cafe that offers free range, organic Margaret River eggs with soldiers?

The Greenhouse is open Monday to Saturday from 7am.


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