Too many cooks?

Between all the book labelling and mad hunt for hats and socks and uniform bits I finally finished watching My Kitchen Rules last night.

And although I probably shouldn’t say this, I don’t think I like the South Australian team. Nope. Can’t wait to watch when it’s Paul and Melissa’s  turn to cook for 10 people.

The first episode features Michael “Mossy” Moss and wife Gabrielle from NSW; he’s a senior police officer, she’s a lawyer and they’re the only competitors with kids (six from memory).

They have to prepare a three course meal for their competition rivals as well as judges Pete Evans and Manu Feildel.’The meal is prepared and served in the contestants’ homes – so having a flair for entertaining and interior decorating helps.

After just one episode it’s easy to tell Pete and Manu know the ropes when it comes to the demands of reality TV, which is quite a different beast  to daytime cooking shows.

They know how to work the camera, play with words and make the contestants squirm as they await the verdict. But so far, they’re not being mean – just honest. No one wants to wait 90 minutes for a main course.

Unfortunately the same can’t be said of  Mossy and Gabrielle’s rivals, who are happy to dump on them and are brutal when it comes to scoring.

During the interview segments with the rival couples, I couldn’t help feeling these people have all watched too many episodes of Survivor and all think they are Matt Prestons or Rob Broadfields in the making (minus the years of experience).

They complain about the mashed potato, the choice of meal, the presentation, the cheesecake. About the only thing they seem to like is the jus.

Key to any show like this is casting. There is always going to be a degree of animosity in a competitive environment, contrived or otherwise. It’s not just about cooking, it’s about presentation, conflict and performing under pressure.

Unlike Masterchef, I don’t see My Kitchen Rules necessarily sending viewers for the pots and pans. What it may lead to is more dinner parties and a more picky, discerning (and potentially backstabbing) breed of diners and guests.

My Kitchen Rules premieres tonight Feb 1 at 7.30pm on Seven, with episode two screening tomorrow at the same time.


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