Disney Promotion – Movie Giveaway!

Choo-Choo Express
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Choo-Choo Express

Parents often complain there are no suitable movies to take children to outside the school holidays. 

Complain no more because from May 6 the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Choo-Choo Express is pulling into Greater Union and Event Cinemas in Perth for a series of special $6 screenings aimed at pre-schoolers and their families. 

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Choo-Choo Express sees Mickey and his pals putting together the Clubhouse Choo-Choo Train to help Professor Von Drake deliver his special non-melting Easy Freezy Snow from Mistletoe Mountain so they can play in the snow year-round. 

Choo-Choo Express aims to inspire children with messages of teamwork, problem solving and adventure. For many children it will also be the first time they have seen Mickey Mouse on the big screen. Joining him for the adventure are old favourite Pluto, Goofy and Donald Duck. 

As a special bonus, a never-before-seen episode of Playhouse Disney favourite Handy Manny will screen before the film. 

The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Choo-Choo Express will also screen on Foxtel’s Playhouse Disney channel on Saturday, June 26 and be available for purchase on Disney DVD on June 30. 

For the chance to win one of three family passes (admit four per family pass) courtesy of Disney to a special preview on Sunday May 2 at Event Cinemas Innaloo at 10am, visit my Twitter feed at www.twitter.com/sueyeap  for details on how to win by answering a simple question. 

*Trivia: Trivia – Walt Disney originally wanted to call Mickey “Mortimer Mouse” but it was changed to “Mickey Mouse” when his wife Lillian said she felt that “Mortimer” sounded too pompous and suggested another name that personified the qualities of fun and humbleness. 

Visit Mickey House at Playhouse Disney Australia here 

Or click here for more information about Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Choo-Choo Express. 

You can even get an idea of what Choo-Choo express will be like by watching this video from IMDB.


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