Things I think about blogging…but usually don’t

Today like most days I thought about posting but today I actually did

So for the days I don’t, which are many, here are some of the things I’ve thought about, which may be useful later.

How the police could make a lot of money swinging past my kids’ school and arresting all the parents talking on their phones or driving more than 40kmh, or both. The upside is I’d be able to get in and out of the school a lot quicker with fewer selfish drivers on the road.

That I should make a list of my favourite foods. And how it should include more than potato.

One day I’ll make a list of my favourite books and albums and why; because music really does make the world go round.

Given my addiction to dresses, that I should write something about my favourite labels/designers/stores.
Maybe I really should do something more productive with all my travel photos and food photos. Like start a blog. Mwahahaha.


2 thoughts on “Things I think about blogging…but usually don’t

  1. The days when we don’t post are usually the days when thoughts are rampant and creative.

    Posting days are days of rest and music should be part of the equation on these days 🙂

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