So You Think You Can Dance

There are a couple of things that have been bugging me about Ten’s latest reality TV hit and I’m not talking about Nat Bass’s hair (how big was it last week!?).

For starters, does anyone know what the winner receives, apart from the title of “Australia’s favourite dancer”?!?

I asked Ten’s PR department when the series started and they couldn’t (or wouldn’t) tell me. The winner of the first US season scored a year’s contract dancing with Celine Dion in Las Vegas. One presumes the Aussie prize will be cash and a car as opposed to a work contract but I’ll delve into that one again soon.

I’m also not entirely sure that it’s a level playing field having a sizzling salsa dancing couple up against a pair doing a romantic ballet reinterpretation. Surely viewers will always vote for hot, sexy and dynamic over slow and classy? That’s what happened last week when Drew Barrymore-alike Courtney got the boot.

 At least in Idol when it’s pop night, rock night, disco night – everyone sings the same genre.


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