From Bert to Paris…a busy week

It has been a busy week of interviewing everyone from chefs and children’s performers to actors and presenters. With so many questions and phone numbers I am grateful I managed not to call the wrong one about the wrong subject.

One of the more amusing things to happen this week was learning one of the people I was interviewing had looked me up, presumably on Google, and read my Valentine’s Day review. Now that’s not something that happens every day.

In the last week I have also discovered which brand of batteries suck – of the eight pack purchased just last week about six are already dead including two sets that died mid interview. I got better life out of the cheap ones from Ikea.

Anyways, last week I finally had the chance to talk to TV legend Bert Newton about his TV show  20 to 1 among other things. A few years ago I had the chance to go visit Bert on the set of his new game show in Melbourne (forgotten the name already – it got axed) but it was a fly in and out tight turnaround that I just couldn’t sort out with the kids, so someone else went.

Bert’s refreshingly upfront and talkative – no airs and graces, no snobbery and not at all difficult like some other presenters I’ve talked to over the years.

So, here’s a link to the feature story from today’s edition of The West.

Bert had so much to say I could have written twice as much if space permitted.

In other news of all the movies I wanted to see this week, From Paris with Love was the only one I ended up getting to and alas, it wasn’t much chop.

Read my review here; shame they didn’t use a pic of John Travolta in character.


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