My Kitchen Rules

On Saturday I travelled to the Margaret River region with Channel 7 and assorted media types and Perthonalities for the launch of Seven’s new reality cooking series My Kitchen Rules. 

WA contestants Marc & Natalie with MC Mark Gibson at MKR launch

When this show was announced last year, I groaned. It sounded like a knee-jerk, copycat reaction to Ten’s hit Masterchef Australia. Worth noting I also doubted Masterchef would work when Ten announced it in 2008. 

Paul & Melissa, SA contestants in MKR

I’ll start by saying I am yet to see a full episode of MKR, which some including Reality Ravings have already called a cross between Seven’s previous hit series My Restaurant Rules and Come Dine With Me. Hopefully I’ll be seeing it early this week. 

Having watched a lot of TV over the years, I was asked by other guests/media  on more than one occasion the million dollar question – how I thought the show would go? 

Again, not having seen a full episode, there are several factors to consider. First, the talent. Whether we like or dislike the contestants and how they behave and react under pressure is pretty important  (I have an inkling there’s at least one person viewers are going to find irritating – it is after all, reality TV). 

Then there are the judges; Peter Evans and Manu Feildel both have plenty of TV experience, Evans on Nine’s Fresh (he was also cooking for IGA at the Perth Royal Show last year) and Feildel on Ready, Steady Cook and Masterchef. 

Crispy skinned salmon with salsa

Yet  some media didn’t seem to know who they were. Still, that’s not such a concern – how many TV viewers had heard of Matt Preston this time last year? It’s their advice and how they give it that will count (some are predicting Frenchman Feildel will win over female viewers). 

Also worth considering – timeslot. MKR is being launched in double chunks, at 7.30pm Mondays and Tuesdays from Feb 1. Is that too much to swallow? Not when you consider Masterchef was stripped every night bar Saturday. 

But what will MKR be up against? On Nine, the answer is all new  Two and a Half Men/ Big Bang Theory and Survivor (for week one at least). On Ten, The Biggest Loser Couples and So You Think You Can Dance. 

That’s tough competition and not everyone can come out a winner. On the positive side, there will be no other cooking shows on prime time commercial TV – with Masterchef not on air until The Biggest Loser concludes around May. 

But if I had to pick a winner at the launch, WA contestants Marc and Natalie (the only married couple on the show) got the big thumbs up for their grilled lamb with Moroccan cous cous (maybe I am being parochial, maybe Sam Kekovich has me brainwashed and maybe it was Moroccan lamb, not cous cous). 

Marc & Natalie's Lamb with cous cous

I’m not sure if the side serves of potato salad and spinach salad with roasted sweet potato were also their handiwork but the results were delish. 

Apologies that there are no photos of Gen and Tanja from Queensland’s prawns, they were on skewers and eaten too quickly. 

*In my original post, I didn’t factor the food into how MKR would rate. Once I would have said accessible food we can easily make at home is the key – but the croquembouche challenge on Masterchef proved otherwise. 

And let’s not forget where the launch was held – award-winning home/luxury retreat Incognito 

Imagine waking up to this… 

View from Incognito luxury retreat

6 thoughts on “My Kitchen Rules

  1. hey thanks for the link.

    I will put this link in a blog post today, however be warned if you were in the same room as Manu Feidel, some of my regular readers may come over and flame you on this blog. LOL.

    Your blog post has got me very excited about the show to foods sounds quite good.

    What I think will be interesting this year in the ratings will be they will now take in account what show people are recording which may will take away the assumption that if you are watching on the shows like SYTYCD this must mean you are not watching MKR.

    Great blog post.

  2. No flaming please! Alas Peter and Manu were not at the launch. Will post an update once I have seen the first eps. Good point about the Consolidated Ratings covering timeshift/PVR. Attempting to find out when networks are going to start releasing that data – haven’t seen any so far. Cheers.

  3. taloulah22 ,I’ve got news for you ,My Kitchen Rules first season was shown first up on 7 BEFORE Masterchef was shown on 10 !
    MKR is not a copycat version of Masterchef,it is a franchised show from either UK or USA,can’t recall which now but each show is entirely different in format and you could even say that Masterchef has copied Iron Chef in one way in the way they cover up the main produce in the pantry then lift off the covers to bedazzle the lucky winning competitor !
    There’s nothing new under the sun when it comes to reality TV cooking shows and I think each show is a great format in it’s own right.

    1. Dear Bearoness, not sure where you got the idea My Kitchen Rules screened on Seven before MasterChef screened on Ten. It didn’t. Season one of MasterChef as won by Julie Goodwin aired on Ten in 2009. Season two won by Adam Liaw screened in 2010. Season one of My Kitchen Rules aired on Seven in 2010. Season two is going to air now.
      Maybe you are thinking of Seven’s other show of the mid 2000s – My Restaurant Rules? Oh and yes, there is a MasterChef UK that I beleieve predates ours, plus various MKR type shows including Come Dine With Me and Restaurant in My Living Room. MasterChef Australia was the most watched show on Australian TV last year so is obviously doing something right, original format or not.

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