I’m foolishly trying to read four books at once.
Eat Pray Love was one of our book club books that I and apparently half the club struggled to finish.

Books I'm reading
Books I'm reading

With the film version starring Julia Roberts soon to hit our screens, lots of people are having a second stab at reading it and two people have asked to borrow it this week alone.
It’s my “car book” – for the times I am sitting in the car waiting to collect the kids.

Having taken the car book out of the car, I found myself in Subiaco on Sunday with 45 minutes to kill and nothing to read. So I went to Dymocks and bought The Carrie Diaries. I’m a big Sex and the City fan and have read that and several of Candace Bushnell’s books, so I expect it to be an easy read.
Tim Winton’s Cloudstreet is being filmed in WA at the moment and I am surprised I haven’t read it. Not surprisingly the backlog to get it from the library is enormous. Even more frustrating is the cheapest place to buy an Aussie book is from Book Depository in the UK or US – my favourite online book store.
I had at attempt with the audio book version earlier this year but there was something like a dozen CDs and they were 1Mb each so wouldn’t fit on the iPod!
Last but not least, The Sisters Antipodes by Jane Alison is the book club book I was supposed to have finished last night but only made it about a third through. Shame on me. I will finish it because I hate leaving things unfinished (that’s why I won’t ever walk out of a movie).
Somewhere in the middle of all this I also read Manhattan Dreaming by Anita Heiss, reawakening my desire to go to New York and frequent Manhattan cupcake bakeries.


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